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Mammal Gallery presents



Nov 4th - 26th

Opening Reception and Performance Friday, Nov 4th - 8p


Performance choreographed by Hez Stalcup with collaborators Anicka Austin, Jane Foley Garver, Jared Kelley, MaryGrace Phillips and Erin Palovick. Guests are asked to arrive in silence. Doors at 8pm, performance at 8:15-9:00.



a space to safely navigate the stories told by our head and heart.

a collection of movement that untangles everything we may know about starting.

a curated experience that worships the house, the notebook, the memory, the phone, the post it.


un sound is a curated grouping of silenced experiences by Erin Palovick. Jared Kelley and Erin Palovick set an installation to house several happenings throughout the month of November.


| calendar for un sound |


Friday, November 4th

8:15pm-9:00pm (doors at 8pm)

un sound

Performance choreographed by Hez Stalcup with collaborators MaryGrace Phillips, Anicka Austin, Jane Foley Garver, Jared Kelley, and Erin Palovick. Guests are asked to arrive in silence.


Sunday, November 6th


Silenced Yoga Class led by Rachelle Knowles

Guests are asked to arrive in silence.

*Donation based class supporting Cultivate Union


Saturday, November 12th



Relational performance by Iman Person


Sunday, Novemeber 20th

Opens doors between 11:00am-4:00pm

Self Impression

Installation & Performance by Narinder Bazen


46/21: 46 Million Slaves – 21st-century Slavery, an exhibition created and sponsored by The Art+Activism Initiative of The Women’s Caucus for Art Georgia Chapter. “We are artists speaking out. We seek to end human trafficking. We witness the injustice of slavery. We raise awareness to achieve the joy of rescue, of freedom”,


The show includes over 50 participating Women's Caucus for Art of Georgia men and women, artists, exhibiting work on the topic of Sex and Human Trafficking. To see some of the work in the show, visit http://www.wcaga.org/page/human-trafficking .



Program events are FREE and open to the public.

Contact: Callahan McDonough ~

callahan.mcdonough @ gmail.com, (404) 593-7370




featured artists
  Mammal Gallery presents Disappearing South by Maya Stein. An outsider perspective inspired by the developing landscape of the American South. August 4 - 27 (TH-SAT noon-6p) Opening Reception - Thursday, August 4, 7-11p

Maya Stein creates extended media paintings that investigate the urban landscape through quotidian language in architecture. Her creative process is driven by the venture of capturing a place with the premise that, even within globalization and standardization in America, it is still possible to find elements that are uniquely connected to a place, vernacular elements, that are a worthy subject to highlight and uncover. Since her move from New York to Atlanta, Maya’s focus has turned to suburban life style and driving culture as means to understand Atlanta as well as other similar environments across America.



Walker Keith Jernigan Repurposed Aggression Curated by Daria Filardo July 2 - 31 2016  

-Opening Reception -

Saturday July 2, 7-11pm


Curator's Statment:


Can you contain? Can you sublimate? Sometimes I have the feeling I can. Sometimes a particular vision takes a form inside me. Sometimes this happens outside, it becomes a real thing and I feel contained and sublimated. When there is a specific form out of me, I can restart giving shape to something else, because this process never ends.


Repurposed Aggression is a condition of urgency, where uncontrollable, difficult explosions happening inside find ways to come out as a form. This form is dangerous, on the edge of the abyss, yet contained, sublimated and perfect in its own way.


Repurposed Aggression is a long path. Showing its forms can be a frightening exposure. It can hurt but also liberates an awareness of what else runs through our veins, and lets it out.


The shift from a sports career to an artistic one is the spark that moved Walker Keith Jernigan. That shift is one of abandonment and surrender to art, giving the world the forms, disbanding a sense of anxious ownership thus letting them be real devices for everyone. Repurposed Aggression is love, cash, soccer balls, baseball bats, an arrow, ropes, lights, punching bag.


- Daria Filardo



Love/d & Sex/ed - April 14th - May 7th


Love/d & Sex/ed is a meandering visual conversation touching on each issue within the broad spectrum of sex, gender, love, and intimacy. These issues range in both negative and positive contexts, but connect to each other in a complicated and important web of influence, impact, and need, illustrating the challenges and triumphs our society faces when confronting these ideas. The work within the show will address these topics, create space for conversation, and point towards action.


Alongside a new, shifting body of work from Caldas, an assortment of other collaborators, which includes artists, organizers, researchers, and other community members will will manifest this show through physical work, conversations, workshops, discussions, interactive experiences, and performances to create space for thoughtful dialogue and learning. The “conversations” will occur within the space of the gallery, will remain free* and open to the public, and will encourage the thoughtful and sometimes physical participation of the audience.


Participating artists include Maria Alejandra Baetti, Danielle Deadwyler, Iman Person, Jaehn Clare, Estela Semeco, Maggie Benoit, Audrey Gamez, Jac Woo, Grace Thornton, Jennifer Tarrazi-Scully, Aida Curtis, Lauren Hind, Ruth Schowalter, Haylee Anne, Angela Bortone, Nicholas Ward, Adele Ulrich, Ray Manlove, Patty Lacrete, Angela Davis Johnson, Jo Peace, Tom Bell and more.


For more details and updates on the show, artists, and schedule please visit http://jessicacaldas.com/lovedandsexed

GSU THREAD COUNT - March 4th - 26th


Highlighting work by graduate and undergraduate students from Georgia State's Ernest G. Welch School of Art and Design, Thread Count includes distinctive, unexpected and original work that breaks from traditional conceptions of cloth and thread.


Featuring work by:


Tamara Davidson

Jessie Giles

Sayma Hossain

Elenore Hundley

Vanessa Jagodinsky

Carson Keith

Shaneka King

Michelle Laxalt

Lukas Owens

Maryam Palizgir

Kirstie Tepper

Natallia Vilchenko

Margaret Wickham




Mary Quinn Templeton



Sonya Yong James



Brian Egan

  MEET ME IN 4D - February 13th - 27th Niki Zarrabi and Stephanie Cheng curated by Sydney Daniel
MEET ME IN 4D is a collaborative exhibition that explores the dominating power of technological phenomenas in relation to society. Opening Reception - Saturday, February 13th / 7-11p Expierence a night of mental simulation as you enter a virtual realm through art! Niki Zarrabi Stephanie Cheng Sydney Daniel
January 16-30  
January 16-30
Sarah Lawrence has been drawing shit every day for a year—no, seriously. Drawing SHIT, every. single. day. The year is nearly over and we’re throwing a SHIT SHOW art party to celebrate. http://www.drawshiteveryday.com/
 This project has been covered by Mashable, Laughing Squid, Quipsologies, Design Taxi, CommonCreativ ATL, several Spanish-speaking blogs and Yen Mag, based in Australia.

91 Broad St SW

Atlanta, GA 30303