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Downtown ATL: A Space for Creative Minds


Forming in 2013, The Mammal Gallery is a tremendous resource for emerging artists and musicians in Downtown, Atlanta. In addition, the space serves as a resource for numerous charities, launch parties, and town hall meetings, helping give a boost to grassroots movements.


Mammal Gallery, and places like it, are necessary stepping stones for emerging artists and musicians to continue to progress.

Keep Mammal Alive


With your support, we will be able to to strengthen our partnerships with the city, our landlord and other arts focused organizations, while continuing to provide an essential foothold for artists in Atlanta. In this time of change, we believe building a framework the for the future of the arts district is paramount to guarantee our long term impact.


Your donation … whether large or small … will help keep the arts alive in South Downtown. We need your help now to keep the momentum going and provide creatives a much-needed voice and platform.  Thank you!



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Help Us Cement a Foothold for

Artists in Downtown Atlanta


91 Broad St SW

Atlanta, GA 30303